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Backflow Preventer Theft

bacflow preventer portland

It is becoming all to common in cities around the country. Thieves are targeting valuable backflow prevention devices to steal and sell for scrap metal. Recently, in a report by the San Diego Union Tribune a 47-year-old Vista man was …

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Register in Sacramento

If you have passed your AWWA test, and hold a current certificate you are on your way to register as a backflow prevention assembly tester in Sacramento County. It is important to note that¬†Certificates that expire within the annual registration …

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Wilkins 975xl

wilkins 975xl

Today we are looking at the Wilkins 975xl Wilkins Zurn published some Installation, Testing and Maintenance Instructions for the device and they are as follows:¬† wilkins 975xl If you didn’t make it through the whole thing here are the important …

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Backflow testing portland


Backflow prevention devices need to be tested annually, and if the assembly is moved or repaired. A State-certified backflow tester must perform the test, and send copies of the test report to the local water provider. Portland’s Department of Human …

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