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The pace has picked up markedly in recent days compared to the chaos in the immediate aftermath of the storm.”It looks completely different to when I came in last week,” said Valerie Amos, the United Nation’s humanitarian chief. “I’m really delighted that so much progress has been made, so much more aid is going out, and the people are getting the vital supplies that they need.”At the same time, cash has begun to flow in Tacloban. There is still no electricity, and most banks are still behind piles of debris, but a single automated teller machine running on a small generator was open Tuesday.The official estimates of what it may cost to rebuild and restore the affected areas of the Philippines now runs to almost $6 billion, media reports say.DART helps with linesThe Canadian government increased its contribution to the aid effort yesterday to more than $20 million, as well as paying for the Disaster Assistance Response Team, which is operating in Roxas City.CBC’s Susan Ormiston, who is also in Roxas, said Monday electrical workers were beginning to get power lines straightened out and poles set up again.”Canada’s DART team is doing the first part of this work, cutting the lines and moving them off the road,” she said.”And Canada’s contribution is growing: $20 million has been donated by Canadians, and the government is matching that by about $20 million more.

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Olvera and Co. Are a contradiction musically as well. They bounce from sugary ballads to Latin fusion to reggae, pop, and rock, never fully embracing any one style; that fickleness is only mitigated by the rare talent of two guys (Olvera and the Cuban born Gonz who still don’t quite understand they might be the best songwriting team in all of Latin pop music..