Mission Statement


VerifiedBackflow was created to increase efficiency and simplify all aspects of the cross-connection control system. Testers, water-purveyors, and backflow owners, in every city, will use our services to conduct business that is accountable, professional, and secure. VerifiedBackflow is committed to providing efficient, cost saving tools with integrity and transparency.

Our Company

Combining our field experience with technological innovation we have created a business platform that connects specific skilled professionals with backflow device owners and managers. This platform provides an easier, more efficient, and safer solution to backflow management, for both testers and device owners.

VerifiedBackflow is devoted to providing the best service to testers, water-purveyors, and backflow owners involved in the cross-connection control program. Here are just some of the advantages we can provide.

Backflow Owners, Property managers

• 100% free
VerifiedBackflow will provide you with multiple bids from certified testers
• View the competitive pricing & protect yourself from costly repairs
• View testers profile pages; see their qualifications,records,history, & picture


• View backflow testing & repair jobs that before you would not have had access too
• Create a profile that represents yourself and your business
• Choose when, where and how much work you want to take on
• Take advantage of filling out test reports & device history directly to VerifiedBackflow

Water Purveyors, City, County & State

• Save time and money allowing VerifiedBackflow to securely alert customers to testing obligations
VerifiedBackflow will store key device history and information
VerifiedBackflow uses your approved tester list and ensures testers are certified and insured for the work they do
• Customize the way VerifiedBackflow can help make your cross-connection program more efficient & cost friendly

VerifiedBackflow was started by two friends who spent years working together in underground construction. The long days, rough conditions, and hard work helped us build a criteria for what qualities we expect from the work of others. As our careers moved us into the backflow industry, and out of the ditch, we noticed that other workers and companies did not adhere to a standard we felt was right.

At VerifiedBackflow we hold everyone to the high standard of excellence that we strive for ourselves. We use efficient and cost-saving strategies throughout our website, and we encourage you to maximize these tools that we have provided.