You Have Questions, We Have Answers

  1. How often do I need my test done?
    The easy answer is, every year you are required to test your backflow devices by a certified tester. By using VerifiedBackflow we make this annual process as easy as possible.
  2. How much does a test usually cost?
    There are many variables when it comes to setting a price for testing your Backflow. Location, # of devices, & size of the devices to be tested are all factors in pricing out test quotes. By using VerifiedBackflow our goal is to allow for you, the manager, to view competitive bids but also check the reliability and experience of testers in your area. .
  3. What happens if my backflow device test fails?
    If your backflow device fails its annual test, then it will need to be repaired and re-tested. Repairs can be expensive. Luckily, you can save money and time by posting your repair work Our goal is to provide honest, reliable testers that take pride in their work.
  4. Why should I use VerifiedBackflow?
    Because we understand how valuable your time & money are! VerifiedBackflow will give you competitive bids from certified testers. We store your test results and will alert you the following year when your test is due.
  5. If a test fails aren’t repairs really expensive?
    Yes, Repairs for your failed device can be expensive. Post your repair work up for bid and allow VerifiedBackflow to ensure competitive rates from a qualified and certified tester.
  6. How do I start?
    It’s EASY! Click on the “Create Free Account” tab in the upper right hand corner of this page. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete your profile and post your job
  7. Is this process free?
    Yes, it is 100% FREE!!
    By signing up and creating your personal/company profile you will be able to post as many testing & repair jobs, up for bid, as you need. VerifiedBackflow is committed to simplifying the bacflow test & repair system. We are also committed to maintaining the highest standards for quality within the industry.
  1. How do I start? Make a bid?
    Its Easy! In order to make a bid you will need to sign up and create an account. This will only take a few minutes and will provide you and your business an opportunity to create a profile that best represents your business. After you have signed up, VerifiedBackflow will approve your registration and you will be able to bid on testing and repair jobs.
  2. How much should I bid?
    There are 2 types of bids available, bids for testing and bids for repair. Bids for testing are on a per device system. Bids for repair is designed to allow you, the tester, to upload your bid sheets directly to the customer. The customer will then be able to view your repair bid and choose accordingly.
  3. Why is my rating low?
    Ratings can be low for a couple of reasons. After you have entered your test results, VerifiedBackflow asks the customer to submit a review of the work that each tester has completed. If your work was considered to be less than satisfactory, then your rating will suffer. VerifiedBackflow expects all the testers that sign up to be professional and punctual with their obligations. We also expect that test results be entered into our system as soon as possible, if that is not done, your rating will show that work is not being done at a level that is expected.
  4. How do I improve my rating?
    The simplest and easiest way to improve your rating is to complete all work and obligations to both the customer and to VerifiedBackflow with professionalism and integrity. Be punctual be informative and your customers will give you good ratings. Enter the test results immediately and VerifiedBackflow will give positive ratings also.
  5. When will I receive the contact info and address of a job?
    Contact information and the physical address will be provided when a bid has been chosen. The tester with the “winning bid” will then have 48 hours to schedule and complete the testing or repair work. It’s very important to VerifiedBackflow that the work is completed as quickly as possible once the bid is selected by the customer.
  6. Can I enter test results directly to VerifiedBackflow?
    Yes, you can enter your test results directly into our extensive database. In fact, it is mandatory that all tests that are completed on our site, are required to be entered into our system. Test results will be stored and viewable in upcoming years.
  7. How to I change my picture? Edit my personal information?
    VerifiedBackflow wants testers to create a profile that best represents themselves and their business. We have created a place that we want to be easy to use and maintain. To change any of your personal info or picture just log-in to your account and click the “edit profile” tab. There you will see how to change or update your page. Changing a photo is as simple as uploading a new photo to replace your existing pic.