Regulation No. 14 – Prevention of Contamination by Backflow and Cross-Connections

Adopted: July 19, 2004
Amended: November 17, 2008; December 21, 2009

A. Authority and Purposes

  1.  Title 17, Sections 7583 through 7605 of the California Code of Regulations, entitled “Protection of Public Water System at Service Connection,” provides rules and regulations governing Cross-Connections.
  2.  Title 17, Section 7584 of the California Code of Regulations provides in part: “The water suppliers shall protect the public water supply system from contamination by implementation of a Cross-Connection control program.” The District is a water supplier within the meaning of Title 17, Section 7583 of the California Code of Regulations.
  3.  In order to provide for an orderly and adequate means of protection of the District Water System from Backflow, the requirements set forth below are reasonable and necessary for the protection of the District Water System and the public health and welfare. New Service Connections shall be installed and existing Service Connections shall be modified to conform to the requirements provided in this Regulation 14.

B. Incorporation of Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations
The regulations of the Department of Public Health, Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations, Sections 7583 through 7605, as amended from time to time, are hereby
adopted, incorporated by reference herein and made a part hereof, insofar as the same are
applicable to the protection of the District Water System.

C. Requirements for Backflow Prevention Devices
Backflow Prevention Devices shall be required at the Service Connection of all Premises
in the following categories:

  1. Premises having an Auxiliary Water Supply.
  2. Premises on which any substance is handled under pressure in such a fashion as to permit the substance’s possible entry into the District Water System, including water originating from the District Water System.
  3. Premises where the Customer’s System has more than one Service Connection.
  4. Premises that contain a Cross-Connection or the potential for a Cross-Connection that could result in the pollution or contamination of the District Water System in the event of backflow.
  5. Premises having multiple use capabilities.
  6. All Private Systems for fire suppression or other purposes.
  7. Certain Metered Services. A Reduced Pressure Principal Device (RP) as identified in the District Specifications and Plans will be required to be installed with Meters serving all non-residential Parcels, including irrigation services, and any residential Parcels used for business purposes as determined by the District.

D. Installation of Backflow Prevention Devices
Installation of a Backflow Prevention Device, where required by the District, shall be a condition of water service. The installation of a Backflow Prevention Device shall be deemed permanent for all Service Connections described in Section C, Subsections 1 through 7 hereof.

  1. New Service Connections. At the time a new Application for Water Service is made, the District’s Engineering Services Department will review the application to determine, in accordance with applicable District regulations, whether a Backflow Prevention Device is required to be installed on the Applicant’s Service Connection. If a Backflow Prevention Device is required, it shall be the Applicant’s responsibility at his or her sole expense to install the device. The Backflow Prevention Device shall be furnished by the Customer as specified and when required by the District Engineer, installed per County Standards and inspected by District staff.
  2. Existing Service Connections without Backflow Prevention Devices. The District may inspect a Premises’ existing Service Connection and determine if the Premises requires a Backflow Prevention Device in accordance with Section C of this Regulation 14. If it is determined that a Backflow Prevention Device is required, the installation of such a device in compliance with this Regulation 14 shall be a condition of continued District water service. If required, the Backflow Prevention Device shall be furnished and installed by the Customer, per County standards, and inspected by District staff. If a Customer fails to install a required Backflow Prevention Device within a reasonable time limit set forth in a written notification from the District, the District shall suspend water service to the Parcel being served. Alternatively, at the District’s option and upon notification to the Customer, the District may install the Backflow Prevention Device and charge the Customer the full cost of the device and its installation and testing.
  3. Upgrading of Existing Backflow Prevention Devices. An existing Backflow Prevention Device that fails to meet applicable state, county, and local standards and specifications and any amendments thereto, does not provide adequate protection from potential backflow hazard and shall be upgraded at the Customer’s expense following the procedures provided in this Regulation 14. Upgrading may include complete replacement of the Backflow Prevention Device as determined by District staff.
  4. Repair of Existing Backflow Prevention Devices. An existing Backflow Prevention Device that fails its annual test shall be repaired or replaced and retested as described in this Regulation 14.
  5. Ownership of Backflow Prevention Devices. All Backflow Prevention Devices installed or upgraded either by a Customer or by the District shall be owned and maintained by the Customer after acceptance by the District.

E. Testing of Backflow Prevention Devices

  1. Testing – As required by law, the District shall notify each Customer annually to have their Backflow Prevention Device tested by a District Approved Certified Tester. Each Customer shall have thirty (30) days to execute the test. Results of the test shall be submitted to the District within ten (10) days of the completed test. If the Customer fails to have the device tested in a timely manner, then the District shall test the device. Costs for such tests shall be charged to the Customer. Charges shall include the test, and all labor, as described in Regulation 3, Section D.
  2. Prior to acceptance by the District, all newly-installed Backflow Prevention Devices shall be tested by a District-approved Certified Tester at the expense of the Customer installing the device. Certified test results shall be furnished to the District prior to final acceptance of the device and provision of water service by the District. The certified test results shall be provided to the Customer or Applicant upon request to the District.

F. Right to Enter Customer Property
As a condition of water service for new Customers, the District reserves the right of
ingress and egress to determine compliance with Cross-Connection Control Program
requirements. As a condition of continued water service for existing Customers, the right
of ingress and egress is reserved by the District for the purpose of inspection to determine
compliance with the District’s Cross-Connection Control Program regulations.

G. Penalties
In addition to the other remedies granted to the District by law, the also District may
terminate water service to any Premises if a required Backflow Prevention Device is
removed by a Customer or if the District finds evidence that an installed Backflow Prevention Device has been bypassed, altered, or allowed to remain ineffective.

Any Customer who willfully fails to install a Backflow Prevention Device as required by
this Regulation 14, or who willfully bypasses or alters such a device may be subject to
prosecution and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding
$500.00 or by imprisonment in the County jail for a period not exceeding six months or
by both fine and imprisonment. (California Health & Safety Code, § 116820)